Annie and Rickyengagement

Annie and Ricky.

An artistic soul and an avid reader. His irreverent sense of humor, her laughter. Her quiet joy, his joy in her. Grasslands and boulders and bison and a shy otter. Wind and cold and warmth in eachother’s arms. Laughter and quiet moments of loving glances exchanged. A day in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife preserve.


I’m so excited about their wedding this fall. Their celebration is going to be a unique and creative extension of their beautiful selves, and I’m already counting down the months.

Video is something I’ve been slowly working into some of my shoots and elopements. Any electronic device my husband touches turns to gold, and he picked up shooting video extremely quickly. I’ve been the one editing them, which has been a slow learning curve for me (it takes me 3x as long as photo editing!)… but also something I enjoy quite a lot. I’m always hungry for new ways to create, and new mediums in which to explore emotion.

here are my top 12 favorite images from the shoot…

…And my other hundred or so favorites are below.