Cuffey’s Cove Wedding, Elk CA: Elle + Zachwed

Oh magical day. Fog, rolling golden hills, lovers running hand in hand.

I truly have no adequate words for Elle and Zach’s celebration. Their day was authenticity. intention. genuine joy. My heart was overflowing all day, and their joy was such a witness to the existence and force of love. Which sounds cliche, but if you had been there on that day you would have encountered love in a new way. Elle and Zach have become some of my closest friends over the past year (Elle and I met at a wedding she was doing video for and I was doing photo for, and our paths just keep crossing in the best way. If fate exists, our friendship was fated). I feel so lucky that I had a part in documenting their day. I hope these images communicate at least a fraction of the beauty of that day that existed not only in the aesthetics but in the energy and spirit of the day. All of their friends stayed in the phenomenally beautiful, perfectly curated house at Cuffey’s Cove (a fantastic venue, for those venue hunting!). People were scurrying about, making breakfast, preparing table settings, having deep conversations, and generally being the most delightful group. Elle and Zach began the day by stealing away to a quiet space and meditated. A couple that meditates together is bound to have a bright future. One of my favorite moments was capturing Zach walking back to the house with his guitar after practicing his song that he’d sing to Elle at the reception. Their first look was the most emotional one I’ve ever witnessed. Every part of the day was incredibly inspiring. Being a destination wedding photographer can be both extremely uplifting and absolutely draining, and this wedding was a reminder of why I do what I do. In addition to giving a personal gift and note to each of their attendants, Elle and Zach wrote a personal note to EVERY GUEST. Every aspect of their day was filled with intention and heartfelt love. These two are so full of love and it was amazing to see them enveloped in each other and in the love of their nearest and dearest. It was amazing documenting this day of two of my closest friends.  (and it was also super rad second shooting for the incredible Sara Byrne!!). Grab a cookie (or, like, hummus or something) and let yourself be enveloped in the love that was this day.

Here is the first of two blog posts sharing my favorite images (see their rehearsal dinner here). Play the music, grab a mug of something hot, and let the beauty wash over you.


if you’re still here, you deserve a cookie. Since the song has probably run out, here’s another: