San Francisco Engagement: M + S, part 2engagement

This is Part 2 of Michaela and Sean’s epic engagement shoot. They hired me for the whole day and it was SO fun (see part 1, here). After shooting in their home and then hitting up In-N-Out, we headed to the coast.

San Francisco is one of those amazing places were no matter which direction you go, you’ll run into someplace magical. Muir woods and the Golden Gate bridge to the Northwest, wine country to the northeast, Yosemite to the southeast, Big Sur to the southwest. And of course the city itself is incredible. California is just a magical place. My dad grew up there and I feel like it’s in my blood.

This day was amazing. We went a magical shoreline, a place that held special memories for these two (side note- if you’re trying to pick a place for a shoot, think about locations that have nostalgic value. I promise it will add magic to the shoot). The hills were spotted with coastal wildflowers. The sea was hedged by rocky cliffsides. We also stumbled across the most freaking magical forest path I’ve ever seen – I legitimately felt like we were in Lord of the Rings. The day was cloudy which made for cool moody lighting, but as the time for sunset approached, we were hoping for sun. We hopped in the car and started driving, looking for a break in the clouds. We had almost given up hope when we came around a hill and saw the last gleaming bit of sun peaking behind the clouds on a really stunning beach. It was cold (SO COLD – couples, always bring a warm coat to wear between shots!), but it was worth it. These are some of my favorite images ever. But it’s not just because the location was incredible. It’s because these two have such a deep, beautiful love and amazing chemistry. After spending a day together, I felt like I’d been friends with these two for years. Photography is an intimate thing and I feel so so so lucky to meet and work with such amazing couples who let me in to their beautiful life and their beautiful love.

{featuring a wildflower bouquet foraged by Amelia of Yellow Thistle Designs.}