San Francisco Engagement: M + S, part 1in home session

Michaela and Sean stole my heart. We spent the whole day together, and now I want to make all of my shoots full day. It felt so much more relaxed and fun. Even though we just met, they already feel like old friends. We started our day’s adventures in their home. (PSSSS… I LOVE photographing people in their home. It’s so intimate and beautiful to capture a couple in their own space.) Oh, and the last couple photos at the end are from our In-N-Out excursion. Who knew the outside of a burger joint could be such a great backdrop for photos?

Every item in their space had meaning. They have a plant dubbed the “love plant” because Michaela planted the stem of a leaf from one of the bouquets Sean brought her… and the plant grew (how precious is that??? I’m 100% sure I’ll never get over it). There is a black elephant figurine on their shelf that is said to protect its owners and was given to them by a family member when they moved to San Francisco. Books on graphic design and travel guides are laid out, a jar contained bills from the countries they’ve traveled to, and art painted by Michaela adorns the walls. Also, their patio has a gorgeous, panoramic view of the city. So basically this was just a dream scenario.

Enjoy these photos from part 1, because this is just the warm up.