Sekrit Theater Austin Engagementlovers

Where do I even begin with this session?? Maddy and I have been in contact about her wedding since late last year and it was so magical finally getting to meet her and Robbie in person. We clicked immediately and had a magical day adventuring around Austin. Most of these photos were taken at Sekrit Theater, an incredible location in Austin that is in danger of being torn down! So photographers, visit and donate to keep the place in existence! It is a magical garden of eclectic delights, with a greenhouse, two school buses, old props from movie sets, and so much more. The owner, Beau, even invited us to shoot in his house which was an incredible treat (he told us it was recently featured in Vogue Italia so I was pretty much in heaven). Maddy and Robbie are absolutely darling, and their engagement shoot was freaking incredible.