The Traveling Dress Collectivepersonal work

The Traveling Dress Collective is a group of photographers who captured the same dress in different locations. Our imagination was the only limit, with one rule: we couldn’t share our ideas or photos until after everyone had finished shooting and editing their images. I shot this back in May, so I’m thrilled to finally be able to share these! I’m so glad my friend, the talented Teresa Vick, asked me to be a part of this. I love how everyone interpreted the dress differently – see samples of everyone’s photos here!

It was really refreshing to create something wholly for myself. I love love love working with my couples, but there’s a certain inherent responsibility that comes with capturing other people’s memories. This shoot was pure play and imagination. Something else different about this shoot is the blog post. Normally I’m telling a story through the images and post in chronological order. But in this post, the photos are mixed in random clusters. In this way each photos must be appreciated as it is, in that moment, instead of it’s role in the chronological context.

My friend Brooke was the perfect model for this shoot. She is so graceful and connected to nature that having her run through the forest with sticks and leaves in her hair didn’t feel so much pretend as it did expressing the true woodland nymph that she is.