Oregon Cuddle Sessionin home session

If you follow my work you know my love affair with out of focus shots. It started when I realized that imperfect photos I would initially plan to “throw away” during editing were actually some of the most emotive ones in the set. Now I intentionally shoot soft focus on some shots because the mood and emotion in an image is the most important element in my work. I especially love all the creamy, soft images in this in home cuddle session because the warm, muted, cozy, subtle, almost faded imagery of this session is what intimacy feels like to me. I really, really love shooting couples in their homes. I feel honored that they let me into the sacred space of their love. I’m amazed at how much emotion their fingers and toes can communicate in an image.


You might recognize this lovely couple from the styled shoot I did in Portland. Their chemistry and genuine love pulled me in for another session. I hope you’re enjoying this in bed with your laptop, a fuzzy blanket, and a cup of something steaming in hand. And if not I hope you are able to steal away an evening live slowly and enjoy these last few days of this year.