Lauren + Sloanengagement


I had a blast photographing these two recently engaged lovebirds. It was especially awesome because Lauren is a badass photographer and Sloan is a computer guy, which is exactly what my husband and I do (did you notice my extremely technical use of the term “computer guy”?). We explored their hip little town of Denton, Tx and Lauren showed me all the best walls (if you’re a photographer you understand how exciting a good, textured wall is). Not only were they a super gorgeous couple (see below), they were insanely adorable and sweet with each other. I love seeing how different couples interact with each other and express their love. These two were so calm, gentle, and sweet; I couldn’t stop gushing.

Before the session, Lauren got all dolled up by the insanely sweet and talented Styles by Vero. I also had to take a photo of Lauren’s perfect little jungle of succulents and cacti (I am entirely obsessed with plants and her little garden gave me major plant envy). But I’ll stop talking so you can get to the photos – I know that’s what you’re here for. 🙂