Hey Sista Workshopworkshop


I am a self-confessed workshop addict. I love being with people who are passionate about what they do. It’s a fast track course to learning from the pros while at the same time making new friends. The whole experience is magic to me.

In April I attended the Hey Sista workshop in Austin hosted by photographers Lauren Apel and Allison Harp (with florals by the incredible Madison of Hart Floral). These 3 gals have more talent, beauty, and general awesomeness between them than the population of a small country (ok maybe not but they are mega babes). It was awesome to meet them, learn from them, and be both challenged and uplifted by them in a totally non-condescending way.

The workshop was a breath of fresh air and a creative restart for me. I was left with a few key impressions (or perhaps even resolutions):

  • I CAN do this. Even though I’ve always been a creative, photography is a new medium for me. Lauren and Allison challenged me to give it my all, commit, and dive headfirst. Fear shouldn’t guide my life.
  • Personal work is SO important at every skill level. It is important to shoot for my own creative and artistic vision. I think this applies to all creative fields. It is so easy to get burned out when creating constantly and not making time for your soul.
  • Community! I spend most of my days working at home. Every time I go to a workshop I’m reminded of my need for companionship! I’m going to work hard to find a real community.

It was also amazing to stay with all the attendees in the most quirky (in the best possible way) home. There were vintage thingamabobs and oddities all around that beautiful home and it made an amazing space for photography. As would be expected, when a group of photographers was in close living quarters for 3 days, a lot of awesome photo shoots took place. Here are some of my favorites (the rest will have their own posts!).

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love plants, flowers, and general green living objects. I was in heaven. Madison killed it.

Here’s a tiny snippet of the magic that happened that week.